Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Same Family, Similar Name, Still Sick

Jonny Yancey is the brother of James Yancey. For those who do not know James by his real name he goes by J DIlla or Jay Dee in the Hip Hop world and is one of the greatest producers of all time. Jonny who now goes by Illa J is a rapper who recently dropped his first cd. Yancey Boys is a bunch of unreleased Dilla beats (so you know it's sick) with Illa J rapping over them. He is a very talented rapper but honestly, me mumbling over Jay Dee beats would be at least mediocre so with good lyrics the cd is a must have!

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Masters of the Mic

Binary Star- Masters of the universe
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Definition:Slept On - noun, J-Live

In today's world with blogs everywhere and youtube and all the other internet stuff, it is hard to think that someone who is really that good could go unnoticed. I figured that there shouldn't really be slept on artists anymore cause communication is so easy but I was completely wrong. J-Live, MC and produced from New York, is one of the more impressive emcees I have ever heard. On the intro to his newest album he says that his first 5 albums sold a total of 100,000 copies combined which is ridiculous especially since the Carter 3 and Massacre were both platinum!

I'm just going to put up the link for now and I will add more info later.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

BUCKSHOT! Now and Then

I am going to do a post about a very talented emcee named Buckshot. He grew up in New York and has worked with artists ranging from 9th Wonder to 2pac to Pete Rock and many more. He is a very talented lyricist and very clever too. As seen in teh youtube video below, pretty funny guy too. He has been the main emcee for the groups Black Moon and Boot Camp Clik. I am going to put up a classic 90s hip hop album titled Enter Da Stage as well as one of the albums he released recently with 9th Wonder titled The Formula

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My President is Black (Remix) by Jay-Z

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New Day, New Era, New Clothing

This is going to be a Barack Obama inspired set of posts, I will give a few updates of my personal favorite clothing, art and music inspired by our new president.

First of all, many different brands have been making Obama type shirts and many people are personalizing their own as well. My favorites have to be the ones made by UNDR CRWN. UNDR CRWN is an urban wear clothing company, they fuse hip hop and basketball into most of their items. They made a shirt inspired by the Vince Carter dunk in the 2000 Olympics when he jumped over a 7'2 guy and dunked on him.

Dunking Shirt

Here is a link to some of their other shirts.

And finally they made in Inaugural shirt with the image of Obama posed as the Lincoln Statue at his memorial. Basketball fans will note that it is similar to the George Gervin Ice Man Poster where he sits atop an ice thrown with basketballs under each hand. Lincoln's Gettysburg address is also written across the back.

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Monday, January 12, 2009


So stoked for Notorious which comes out this Friday, the 16th!
I am not going to give a bio or information on Biggie cause 1. everyone should know it and 2. the movie will do just that so I am just going to give an update of things related to Notorious BIG and then link the two albums that were recorded during his lifetime Ready to Die and Life After Death(L A D was actually released after he died but he had already finished recording it.

1st off, Bobby Fresh just released some new shirts that are themed by Biggie Smalls just in time for the movie.

Ready to Die - downlo@d

Life After Death - downlo@d

Imma also leave you with the trailer and a music video of a classic Biggie song.
I will definitely be bumping these albums all week in preparation and I hope yall enjoy the music and the movie.

I just got Born Again which is an album released 2-3 years after Biggie died and it is made of old verses of his (most of which were unreleased and unheard at the time) and then modern artists wrote their own verses and recorded the album. It is pretty good stuff, much better than the Duets Album that came out in 2006 under a similar style.

Between Life After Death, Ready to Die, and Born Again you should cover his greatest hits cd as well as the soundtrack to the movie (minus the Jay-Z and Jadakiss songs...) so buying them would be unnecessary.

Born Again - downlo@d

I'll put up Duets-The Final Chapter here too, it is made of old verses (many of which are already heard) and mixed with today's artists who wrote their stuff around it. Its all right, but here is a link just in case.

Duets - downlo@d

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Elec-Tronic Master

J Dilla's tragic death left a gapping hole in Hip-Hop, but despite leaving us much too early he has left a legacy. His protege is beginning to bloom and create incredibly dope material of his own. Black Milk is also a Detroit born MC/producer like Dilla, and the stamp Dilla left on his style is unmistakble, its beautiful to hear Dilla like material without it being a copycat. Black Milk has created an incredible buzz, much in part because he just keeps getting better and better. The strides made from his album Popular Demand to Tronic are tremendous, he's begun to translate his great talent and the knowledge he acquired from Dilla into amazing music. His skills on the mic are probably his greatest improvement, but he still needs to continue fine tuning them. Tronic was hailed by many as the best Hip-Hop album of 2008, which is quite impressive considering the music that came out, while Elec is the mixtape that preceded and hyped the album. The sky's the limit for Black Milk.
Downlo@d Elec Tronic

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Classic til infinity

For those who havent seen the light yet....
I assume most people have this album but if not, get it. Definitely one of the best albums ever, Souls of Mischief create a masterpiece both on the mic and the boards.

Downlo@d 93 til Infinity
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Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Mystery of Iniquity

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Monday, January 5, 2009


This album was recommended to me by my good friend Kenny P and I'm glad he tipped me off because its really an exceptional album. The Old Prince by the Canadian born MC Shad is rife with dope beats and really ingenious lyrics, listening to the album there were numerous times I had to stop the track and rewind it, just to admire his wordplay. His flow is remarkable, because its so polished, it progressively pulls the listener deeper and deeper in kind of a rambling (not in the pejorative sense) manner sometimes or he can completely switch it up and slow it down. Either way its pretty impressive. This album is definitely worth a listen, I've already added it to my regular rotation.
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Viva La Hova

Over the past few years Hip-Hop has begun to explore new sounds and limits. One of the popular new expansions of Hip-Hop is the Rock/Jay-Z mix, most of them are wonderful and the original classic in the line, The Grey Album by Jay-Z & The Beatles mixed by DJ Danger Mouse, is a must have. Quite a few Jay-Z mixes came out this year but one in particular stood out to me, Viva La Hova the Jay-Z and Coldplay remix by Terry Urban was really exceptional. We've heard Jay-Z over Coldplay before on Kingdom Come with the song "Beachchair", which wasn't amazing but pretty good. If u like Coldplay and Jay-Z you should like this album.

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