Friday, May 22, 2009

Vibe Best Rapper Ever Bracket

I have mixed feelings about posting this link cause if I do then Vibe was successful cause it sparked a discussion and got people to promote it. Vibe is currently polling its "readers" (if they still have some) about who the best rapper ever is. I saw the bracket and it is pretty disgusting, unfortunately posting the link will lead to more hits for them but I think that any hip hop fan should see what not to do...
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I came across these 2 videos on Youtube and instantly fell in love with these songs. They're not featured on either of their first 2 albums 93 til Infinity and No Man's Land, and are infact unreleased tracks. Im really really feeling the super smooth laid back feel to both these jams. Im also a huge fan of their song Medication, which although im not sure, I think is also an unreleased track. Ill provide download links to all 3 for any Mischievous heads out there.
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This is by far one of my favorite tracks from Toronto based artist Drake, it was released as a bonus track on the latter releases of So Far Gone. Sample used in the song is Viva La Vida by Coldplay.
Downlo@d Congratulations
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Da Be@t Detective

In an attempt to give you a better understanding of Hip-Hop, here is my idea for a new segment here at Da Wh@t: Be@t Detective. In each segment we will explore the use of samples in Hip-Hop and the phenomenon of the jacked beat.

So to begin we will look at the sampling of "The World Is A Ghetto" by George Benson used by Big Pun in his song "Glamour Life" (Produced by L.E.S.) and subsequently Zion-I in the "Bonus Track" on their debut album Mind Over Matter. I think its interesting to see how each producer flipped the sample and created two distinctly different yet great tracks. (And as a bonus nugget of info Daft Punk also used the sample for their song "Spinal Scratch")

Original Sample:

Big Pun Version:

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Big Sean - UKNOWBIGSEAN Mixtape Review

For my next review I will be talking about Big Sean’s new mixtape UKNOWBIGSEAN Finally Famous Vol. 2. At the request of my man BP, I will be trying something different; I am going to review the album as a whole instead of track by track. I will rate the lyrics, flow, beats, and overall flow of the mixtape by themselves but I will still finish with a final album review.

Lyrics: Big Sean is a talented emcee and I would say that his lyrically ability and cleverness is easily his biggest asset. He does a very good job of using inner rhyming throughout his verses and many times finishes the line with multi-syllabic words, which is very difficult. They prove that he is a capable rapper and he isn’t, as I call it, “elementary” in his rhyming ability. My favorite part about Big Sean is his punch lines, he is a very funny guy and many times he brings lines that remind me of a young Ludacris. Just to give a few examples “Money is like fucking/ if you grind hard enough then the bitch’ll keep coming” or “And I can't feel my cardio. Motha fuckas walkin in with shrooms. Now I'm fin to feel like Mario.” These particular examples are not the most impressive lyrically but I think that word play is essential to any emcee. Seeing how this is a mixtape that includes Big Sean rapping over other people’s beats, the lyrics are what is really being showcased and overall I think it is very impressive.

Flow: Big Sean is able to get the job done and develop well written and well practiced lyrics My only complaint is that there are spots on the album where I feel he is rapping too slowly. I know that a rapper can’t always (and many can never) be spittin’ Busta Rhymes or Twista fast but there are certain songs like Say You Will where he didn’t seem to speed up his flow enough to match the beat. As I said earlier, many of these beats were made for other rappers so I am not going to hate, but if there was a problem with the rapping aspect of the tape it would be delivery and not preparation or creativity

Beats: This is tough to review for a mixtape, I can pretty much guarantee the beats will be dope on the album based on what I have heard. Kanye West, Pharell and The-Dream will be producing stuff for his first album. For the most part, the beats were chosen well for his rhymes and they help the songs. But, there aren’t really any head-knockers on this tape. There are plenty of beats that compliment his voice and flow – UKNOWBIGSEAN and Intro but nothing spectacular. My favorite beat is probably from Supa Dupa because it is simple and allows his lyrics to be heard during the verses but the riff during the chorus slaps. The beats certainly do not take away from the mixtape but they do not add as much as I think they could.

Overall: First lemme just say that this mixtape is 30 tracks; Big Sean is just giving away 30 free tracks, which already makes it more than worth it. There are 6 skits on the mixtape spread out pretty evenly and all of them include Big Sean explaining a certain aspect of the production or his road to where he is. I think that the tape has a great combination of full 4-minute songs with multiple verses and choruses along with 1-2 minute pieces of just a verse over a cool beat. I think UKNOWBIGSEAN Finally Famous Vol. 2 flows well from start to finish and is a great piece along the way until the album finally drops. Big Sean brings a mix of feel good hip hop and straight stuff and I really enjoy the tape.

Favorite tracks: Who Knows (ft. Mike Posner), UKNOWBIGSEAN, Intro

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fear & Fancy

Some of you readers may not know this, but I am about to finish up my freshman year at Stanford. Through the course of the year I've realized that our class has a lot of musical talent. There's one trio in particular, Fear & Fancy that's formed in this year and shared their music with the whole campus. Originally from Boston, two of the three reunited on campus and met their third member to create a completely new sound. Their first album Twenty Twelve is about to drop, and you guys can listen to it for a limited time on their myspace . If you guys do give it a listen they would greatly appreciate it if you filled out this survery telling them what you thought. They'll also send you a free bonus track for doing so.

These guys' sound is reminscent of The Roots, but it makes sure to go somewhere different and keep it original. I'd definitely say that the production on the CD outshines the lyrics, but they have really good musicality so I'd recommend giving it a listen. Even if you don't listen to the album I'd recommend at least checkin out "Off The Grid" and "Window's Peak". Both are upbeat and cool, and "Window's Peak" creatively borrows from "When Doves Cry". "Embrace" is another good song, and their most successful slow-tempo song. It's a short but endearing love song. In general, they need to think a little bit more about consolidating instrumentals and lyrics, but this is a really good effort for a freshman album. Continue Entry»

Friday, May 15, 2009


Just found out about BassNectar tonight but I found this sick If I Ruled The World by NaS & Lauryn Hill/Paper Planes by M.I.A. mix he did @ La Zona Rosa Club.
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I don't know anything about this guy but I came across this LP (for free) while checking out Tanya Morgan stuff (post to come later)
Pretty tight concept album about the Lakers and a hotlist of producers:
Black Milk, J Dilla, Mad Lib, RJD2 and many more
so i'll post it up

p.s. Dope Cover Art too

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Minstrel Show

Probably one of my favorite albums, there is a serious albeit very saddening reality/message to this album.
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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Casa Bey

Recently returning from South America, our boy Mos Def has brought us his newest. Sampled from Brazil's Banda Black Rio's track Casa Forte, Mos continues to be hip-hop's strong home of ingenuity with Casa Bey. The track starts off sounding like any other killer Mos Def track, but gets more and more and interesting as it goes on. I was a fan of True Magic, but this track blows my mind. It's success is due in large to DJ Preservation and Dante's own ridiculous production on this song. I'm especially a fan of the beautiful piano outro. This track leaves me extra excited for his new LP, The Ecstatic (June 9, 2009). Cop it here.

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Top 10 to Watch For - Honorable Mention

I have been speaking with Raph and Anu about what type of blog we want Da Wh@t to be and we have been talking about giving information as well as music. That is why I have started to review albums and with that in mind, I am going to do a series of posts on what I will call my Top 10 To W@tch For. I will give 10 artists that have either just recently put out an album or are going to put one out soon as well as a couple honorable mention artists. Whether you agree or disagree with the order, I don’t think anyone will doubt that the following artists will bring good things to the Hip Hop world.

First up is J.Cole:
J.Cole is from Fayetteville, North Carolina and has been writing since he was 12. At 15 he received his first beat making machine and from there started creating his own stuff. He went to St. John;s University on an academic scholarship and actually ended up graduating Magna Cum Laude. He is yet to release an album but his first mixtape, The Come Up is pretty dope.
The Come Up - downlo@d

Young Chris is next on my list:
Young Chris started his rap career as half of the duo Young Gunz from North Philadelphia. While the duo has released two albums and even been nominated for Grammy's Chris is just starting his solo career releasing mixtapes and preparing for an album. I leave you with The Newprint
The Newprint - downlo@d

Fashawn is a local rapper (at least local to my hometown) from Fresno County, California. He works with Evidence, the emcee from West Coast group Dilated peoples and has already released 4 mixtapes. He has one coming out at the end of summer produced by mixtape legends Mick Boogie and Terry Urban.
The Phenom 2 - downlo@d

Charles Hamilton:
Had I made this post 3-4 months ago, CH would be way higher on my list but his series of beefs (from Soulja Boy to Rhymefest) as well as song mixtapes that I have not loved have moved him down on the list. No question he is a talented emcee and I will definitely cop his album when it does come out, but I am kinda over the CH hype for now.
Pink Lava Lamp - downlo@d

Drake or Drizzy as nicknamed by Lil' Wayne (Weezy) fans is an impressive emcee from Toronto Canada. He started his entertainment career on the show Degrassi but dont be fooled cause he can definately spit. His studio album isnt set to come out until 2010 but his latest mixtape is fire.
So Far Gone - downlo@d

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shade45 Dead Prez Freestyle

I've always been a fan of Dead Prez's music, but I used to be really bothered with this kind of thinking. I think it's important for people to vote, because someone like Obama never would've been elected if people hadn't mobilized. But then again, a lot of what Dead Prez spits is true, or at least has been true, in the past--although it's always only been for a certain subjugated part of the population. What Dead Prez says is true and maybe the system does need a change, but for now I think we should all try and vote as best as we can and hope that the Obama administration and those to come will be the change the system needs. Continue Entry»

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So i had been searching for quite some time for music from Braille. I had only heard two of his songs till earlier this week but i was sure his other material was classic. To give you some background information, Braille aka Bryan Winchester was born in Portland, OR and started making music at the age of 13. The concept behind the name Braille relates to "Helping people understand the things they can't see." My assumptions were affirmed when i finally found Braille's sophomore album Shades of Grey. There really is no other way to describe the album except for: CLASSIC. Between Braille's rhymes and the super nice instrumentals this album is a must have. To my extreme surprise 9th Wonder co-produced this album (I'm assuming that's why I was so drawn to the album) along with Rob Swift. This album is categorized as Christian Hip-Hop proving good music crosses all genres and beliefs. I ,an atheist, love this album.
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New Logo-Artist Spotlight

Just wanted to give some dap and a huge thank you to Hannah W. for creating our new (and very cool) logo. Make sure to check out her website , plenty more graphics and photoshop productions.
Here's an example of some of her other work:

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