Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So i had been searching for quite some time for music from Braille. I had only heard two of his songs till earlier this week but i was sure his other material was classic. To give you some background information, Braille aka Bryan Winchester was born in Portland, OR and started making music at the age of 13. The concept behind the name Braille relates to "Helping people understand the things they can't see." My assumptions were affirmed when i finally found Braille's sophomore album Shades of Grey. There really is no other way to describe the album except for: CLASSIC. Between Braille's rhymes and the super nice instrumentals this album is a must have. To my extreme surprise 9th Wonder co-produced this album (I'm assuming that's why I was so drawn to the album) along with Rob Swift. This album is categorized as Christian Hip-Hop proving good music crosses all genres and beliefs. I ,an atheist, love this album.


  1. yoo rapha! i jus wanted to say good shit on tha mc solaar

  2. aw dood is there anyway to get a link up for this shit that isnt from rapidshare?? i can never get it to work for sum reason... tha ez share ones work a lot better...
    n through up sum bambu n little brother if you find it-
    thanx rapha!

  3. dam i type like a retard- throw up sum bambu n little brother not through up...im a retard.
    anywho thanx broha