Wednesday, June 17, 2009

K'naan Live at Apple Store in downtown San Francisco

I was lucky enough to get to see K'naan perform live on 6/16. It was an incredible experience because the Apple Store does not hold a lot of people; so it was very intimate and was not the normal concert feel. K'naan performed with a basist, guitarist, two keyboardists, a congo drummer and another fellow Somalian on back up vocals. While he could have just done a few songs and called it a night, he played for over an hour at a free event! It had a very acoustic, very musical feel that made his songs seem less like rap and more like poetry on top of beautiful music. He was essentially doing spoken word poetry over nice background music and you could really feel where he was coming from. He performed unreleased songs/versions of songs along with new and old songs alike. If you get the chance to see K'naan, I would recommend it 100%.
Hit the jump for some pictures and more videos of the performance.

This post is just to give a new perspective at introducing an artist through his live performance as opposed to their recorded stuff. Feel free to ask any questions about the performance.


  1. yo ben this is hella dope, good job covering the show!

  2. yeeee. this is super sick! those videos are nice quality too. what did you use to take them?