Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mos Def - The Ecstatic

So, the long awaited (at least by me) album The Ecstatic from Mos Def just dropped yesterday. It's a lot shorter than a lot of previous stuff, but a knockout like always. Mos Def, who recently called out H.O.V.A. and Weezy for their "Greatest Rapper in the World" self-titles, comes with one of his most political works yet (listen to "Auditorium"). In fact, the intro to the album starts us off thinking about the historic presidential shift we've seen this year. We also see that influence from his recent South America trip on "Casa Bey" and "No Hay Nada Mas". The work is strong in that it does a lot of different things, but is still able to maintain a unified sound. There's definitely something on here for everyone, and the one thing he doesn't have are those musical rants we've heard in the past from him, which have always come with mixed reviews from fans. So, if you've been a fan of even only one past work of his, I'd reccommend The Ecstatic.

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